CGS Event Report: Sustainable Peace Through Education in Africa’s Great Lakes Region- Workshop


On Friday, September 12, 2014, the Center for Global Studies hosted it’s first Research Workshop event, gathering 12 scholars including esteemed faculty and PhD students from University of Ngozi (Burundi), Georgetown University, George Mason University, Hastings College and Colorado State University to present original working papers focused on “Advancing Sustainable Peace and Development Through Education in the African Great Lakes Region”.

Featuring presentations of original papers and group discussions, the event  served to elevate our understanding of the peace‐development interconnection and to articulate conceptual and practical educational frameworks to advance sustainable peace and development in Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo with closing remarks from  the Executive Director of the Shinnyo-En Foundation, Ineko Tsuchida.

Abstracts of the papers presented can be found here.

Presenter List (partial):

  • Abbe Dr. Apollinaire Bangayimbaga [Rector, University of Ngozi, Burundi]
  • Moses Dogbevia [Hastings College, Nebraska]
  • Patricia A. Maulden [George Mason University, Virginia]
  • Mainlehwon E. Vonhm [George Mason University, Virginia]
  • Sixte Vigny Nimuraba [George Mason University, Virginia]
  • William M. Timpson [Colorado State University, Colorado]
  • Juliette Shedd [George Mason University, Virginia]
  • Randall Amster [Georgetown University]
  • Elavie Ndura [George Mason University]
  • Rodney Hopson [George Mason University]




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