Call for Papers- Women’s Health in Global Perspective (A CGS Funded Research Workshop)


Call for Papers – Women’s Health in Global Perspective


Papers sought for a special issue and workshop of World Medical & Health Policy on “Women’s Health in Global Perspective,” to contribute to understanding and improve policy related to women’s health and wellbeing.  Forces ranging from the economic to the climactic have human repercussions whose genesis and solutions demand consideration of their global context.  A wealth of recent research and inquiry has considered the particular plight of women, who often suffer disproportionately from lack of education, compromised nutrition, poverty, violence and lack of job opportunities and personal freedom.  The Workshop on Women’s Health in Global Perspective will consider the broad ranging social determinants of health on a global scale that importantly influence health outcomes for women everywhere, which in turn has implications for economic, political and social development.


 Abstract submission deadline (250 words): October 16, 2015

Contact: Bonnie Stabile, Deputy Editor,

Notification of selected abstracts: November 13, 2015

Workshop March 3rd, 2016

Completed papers due: March 11, 2014


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