Working Group on Emerging Frontiers in the Global Economy

As part of his project on Emerging Frontiers in the Global Economy, which is a major new book series with Stanford University Press (see below), Professor J.P. Singh, a CGS affiliate faculty member, has convened a working group at Mason. On February 25, the working group will host Professor Gary Hamilton, from the University of Washington, who has co-authored (with Professor Cheng-shu Kao of Feng Shia University) the first book in the series: Making Money: Taiwanese Industrialists and the making of the New Global Economy.

From Stanford University Press:

J.P. Singh, Series Editor

Emerging Frontiers in the Global Economy brings together authors from across the social sciences to address contemporary topics that have 1) have come into being because of or 2) that have been substantially changed as a result of globalization. While many of these subjects are relatively new—intellectual property in an international marketplace or the rise of the global services industry—others engage well-known themes like poverty and governance that take on new dimensions in light of the global economy.

Though they may be rooted in a home discipline, all books in this series are written accessibly for readers in other fields of study. Published in collaboration with George Mason University’s Center for Global Studies and Global Affairs Program, this series provided an interdisciplinary venue for discussions about how our world is sculpted by economic globalization.


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