Faculty Research Grant Information

The Center for Global Studies (CGS) offers financial support for Mason faculty to engage in scholarly research on global affairs, broadly understood to include business, cultural, economic, political, technological and/or scientific developments. The purpose of the award is to help generate innovative thinking, approaches, and new directions in the area of global studies.

Amount of Award: up to $2,500.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 8, 2016.


  • An applicant must be a Mason faculty member at the time of receipt of the award;
  • An applicant may not have received funding from the Center within the past three years;
  • An award recipient is expected to remain a full-time Mason employee for at least one academic year after the conclusion of the award;
  • Priority will be given to tenure-track faculty.

Awards must be used during the fiscal year July 2016-June 2017; funds cannot be carried forward.

Award recipients will be expected to:

  • Write a number of blog posts (approximately 500 words each) about their research for the CGS Web site;
  • Make a presentation about their research to faculty and students at some point during the 2016-2017 academic year;
  • Send a report on their research to cgs@nullgmu.edu by June 30, 2017;
  • Be willing to serve as a reviewer for future funding applications.

Application Process
The application must be submitted electronically by email as a Microsoft Word attachment (no PDF’s will be accepted) to cgs@nullgmu.edu.

Application Details
Applications should include the following:

  1. Personal Information:including all details specified on the attached personal information form, including a one paragraph project summary of no more than 250 words. The project summary should make clear to non-specialist readers the significance of the proposed research. Please do not reformat the Personal Information Page. Click here to download form.
  1. Description of Project:maximum 2,000 words, double-spaced; should include:
    1. A statement of the central problem or question to be addressed by the research and its scholarly or creative significance. Explain whether this is a new area of research for the scholar.
    2. The objectives of the project, the methods to be employed, its relation to existing literature in the field, and a timetable for completion of the work. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate a clear commitment to multidisciplinary work.
    3. An explanation of how the applicant’s program, department, or the university will benefit from this research.
    4. A description of how the applicant will share the research outcome with colleagues, students and the external research community, including publications and presentations.
    5. A description of how the project will contribute to the development of future research opportunities including external support, new partnerships, etc.
    6. An explanation of how this project relates to the field of global studies and the mission of the Center for Global Studies.
  1. Budget: a one-page statement of anticipated expenses (e.g. equipment, travel, materials, research assistance) to be covered by the award. The budget may not include a faculty stipend or payment for conference registration/attendance.
  1. Applicant’s CV(not to exceed 3 pages).


Questions about the award or application process should be directed to the Center for Global Studies at cgs@nullgmu.edu.