2015-2016 Faculty Research Grant Recipients

2015-2016 Individual Faculty Research Grants

LaNitra Berger, Honors College, “Pictures That Satisfy: Irma Stern and Modern Art in South Africa”

Carol Cleveland, Department of Social Work, College of Health and Human Services, and Debra Lattanzi Shutik, Department of English, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, “Traumatic Immigration: Latinas and the Migration Journey”

Justin Gest, School of Policy Government and International Affairs, “Crossroads of Migration”

Kathryn Hemmann, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, “Big Eyes, Magical Girls, and the American Way: The Cultural Cross-Polination of Shojo Magna”

Viviana Maggioni, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Volgenau School of Engineering, “Global Warming: Climate Change and the Spread of Malaria”

Rashmi Sadana, Sociology and Anthropology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, “On the Delhi Metro: Infrastructure and the Social Lives of Transport”

Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers, Environmental Science and Policy, College of Science, “Hunting for Conservation? How Global Discourses Impact Local Conservation and Development Practices”

Congratulations to all grant recipients.