Global Relations of Emerging Powers


The past decade has witnessed the phenomenal rise to global prominence of countries such as China, India, and Brazil. While clearly driven by the economic dynamism exhibited by these “emerging powers,” this phenomenon is by no means confined to the realm of global trade and commerce. Emerging powers have been asserting themselves in the diplomatic arena through new great power conglomerations such as the G20 and have also been pursuing various “soft power strategies” centered on cultural projection and new development aid practices. While scholars and commentators debate which countries should be considered emerging powers—coining clever acronyms such as BRICS, CIVETS, TIMBI (the latter offered by Mason’s Jack Goldstone) to inventory the relevant nations—it is clear that the world today is witnessing a fundamental reconfiguration in global power. While the traditional great powers of the Atlantic age remain vitally important in world affairs, they are no longer capable of dictating the global agenda.

The Global Relations of Emerging Powers Working Group represents a seed effort in what will grow to constitute a full-fledged research program centered on the global relations of emerging powers. Various units around the university have already undertaken some work around these themes – most notably the Center for Emerging Market Policies in the School of Public Policy and the Center for Global Studies’ own efforts around ‘South-South Cooperation,’ ‘Subaltern Solidarity,’ and ‘Emerging Donors.’ This working group brings together faculty from multiple schools and departments with the goal of cultivating a culture of multidisciplinary scholarship around emerging powers and their global relations.

Group contact is Peter Mandaville


Working Group Members
  • Peter Mandaville,  PI (PIA)
  • Jack Goldstone (SPP)
  • Ramkishen Rajan (SPP)
  • Ken Reinert (SPP)
  • Terrence Lyons (S-CAR)
  • Agnieszka Paczynska (S-CAR)
  • John Dale (SOC)
  • Johanna Bockman (SOC)
  • Sasidaran Gopalan (PhD Student, SPP)


Past Events

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