Welfare State in Times of Crisis


The Welfare State in Times of Crisis Working Group will investigate the complex challenges faced by welfare states in the post-2008 era. Current scenarios, characterized by what we call the “austerity vs. the people dilemma,” lead us to explore and compare political and economic responses to tackle the tensions between the fiscal constraints faced by governments, on the one hand, and the need for policies that promote peoples’ well being on the other hand. By engaging in such discussions, we will address a key question—“What are the future prospects of the welfare state?”

To address these topics, The Welfare State in Times of Crisis Working Group will not limit its discussions to advanced industrial democracies, but we will study the implications of such challenges across the globe. To foster academic discussions and intellectual exchanges among faculty and graduate students from different disciplines, the group will organize a myriad of activities, including a reading and discussion group, panel discussions, and a workshop.

Group contact is Mariely Lopez-Santana


Working Group Members
  • Mariely Lopez-Santana, PI (PIA)
  • Tyler Cowen (ECON)
  • Bassam Haddad (PIA)
  • Ricardo Vivancos Pérez (Modern & Classical Languages)
  • Rossella Moyer (Grad Student, PIA)
  • Nanna Onwuka (Grad Student, PIA)