Global Studies Review

The Global Studies Review provided faculty and advanced graduate students with an exploratory space in which to develop nascent theories, detail innovative research, and dialogue with a wide audience of university researchers, think-tank scholars, and government policy-makers both in the United States and abroad. To access past editions of the Global Studies Review, click here.

Working Papers

The Center also publishes working paper series, including Working Papers on Human Rights, Global Justice & Democracy, Working Papers on Global Migration and Transnational Politics, and Working Papers on GLobal Studies. To view CGS’ working papers, click here.

Reports & Policy Briefs

In January 2009, the Center launched a new series presenting analysis, commentaries and summaries of events and conferences with an effort to bridge theory and practice in Global Studies. These documents, many of which deal with themes, such as current social, political and economic issues, are of interest to practitioners and policy makers, and provide concise information to help decision-makers, analysts and activists evaluate key problems. To view CGS’ reports & policy briefs, click here.