Research Workshop Grant

The Center for Global Studies (CGS) invites proposals for one-day research workshops comprising a small group of Mason faculty, at least two external participants, and, possibly, advanced graduate students to engage in intensive interdisciplinary study of a clearly defined global topic. The purpose of a workshop is to discuss and critique original papers written and circulated in advance, with a view to generating innovative thinking, approaches, or new directions in the area of global studies. Workshops should take place at a Mason campus and be open to the Mason community, though participants may hold a restricted session to discuss further collaboration.

Amount of Award: up to $7,500.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 8, 2016.


  • An applicant must be a full-time Mason faculty member at the time of the award;
  • An award recipient is expected to remain a full-time Mason employee for at least one academic year after the conclusion of the award;
  • The workshop participants must include Mason faculty from across disciplines and with at least two colleges or schools represented, as well as at least two external participants. The workshop leader should secure a tentative commitment from each person named in the proposal. Participation by advanced graduate students is highly encouraged but not required.

Workshop Schedule
The workshop must take place during the academic year 2016-2017; funds cannot be carried forward.


The award will be expected to produce:

  • A workshop on a global topic open to the university community;
  • High-quality papers for possible publication in an edited volume;
  • A funding proposal for a follow-on conference, standing working groups, further sponsored research, or other event/activity;

A report on activities conducted as a result of the award should be sent to by June 30, 2017. A faculty member who receives an award must be willing to serve as a reviewer for future funding applications.

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be peer-reviewed and evaluated on the basis of (1) the intellectual quality of the proposed topic; (2) relevance to the CGS mission; (3) the topic’s perceived potential to engage participants and appeal to the university, broader academic and policy communities; and (4) the potential of the workshop to further scholarly thinking, research and engagement, and meet the deliverables mentioned above.

Application Process
The application must be submitted electronically by email as a Microsoft Word attachment (no PDF’s will be accepted) to

Application Details

  1. Applicant Information:complete all details specified on the attached Applicant Information Page (click here to download), including a project summary of no more than 250 words. The project summary should describe to non-specialist readers the significance of the proposed research.
  2. Description of the Workshop:2,000 words maximum, double-spaced, for non-specialist readers, including:
  • A statement of the central problem or question to be addressed by the research workshop and its scholarly or creative significance. An explanation of how this project relates to the field of global studies and the mission of the Center for Global Studies.
  • The objectives of the workshop, methods to be employed, its relation to existing literature in the field, and the timetable for completion of the work, a proposed date for the workshop.
  • A description of the participants and their relationship to the workshop.
  • An explanation of how the relevant Mason units, Center for Global Studies and the university will benefit from this research workshop.
  • A description of how the applicant will share the research outcome(s) with the university and external community, including publications and presentations.
  • A description of how the project will contribute to the development of future research opportunities, including external support.
  1. Budget:A one-page outline of anticipated expenses, such as travel, honoraria, food/beverage, multimedia. The budget may not include stipends for Mason faculty.
  2. Applicant’s CV:(not to exceed 3 pages) and brief bios of the workshop participants.

Questions about the award or application process should be directed to the Center for Global Studies at: